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Who We Are - Why We're The Best in California

DataRetrieval Data Recovery Services is your trusted, GSA certified expert data recovery specialist for cost-effective, emergency service. By applying our comprehensive, extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools and methods, we've been dependably delivering fast results to data disaster stricken individuals and businesses in Los Angeles, California for more than a decade. We're proud that our verifiable certifications and numerous awards will serve as record for you of our commitment to customer satisfaction and superior results.

Los Angeles's Trusted Data Recovery Expert

Losing your cool over lost data, L.A.? Data Retrieval Los Angeles is your cost-effective, certified expert solution for emergency data recovery!

If you’ve lost critical files and folders and can’t afford to lose any more time trying to survive without them, then call our certified specialist technicians at 1-213-342-8598 any time of day or night (24/7/365) to stop worrying and start recovering your data. With our qualified care and commitment to exceptional customer service, the crisis of a hard drive crash or server failure will be averted with results being delivered in as little as 24 hours!

Our data recovery specialist technicians are always at the ready in our state-of-the-art recovery facilities to recover the missing or corrupted files from any device that’s able to store data regardless of how the data loss occurred; from smart phones to external hard drives to SSD cards to RAIDs, our expert techs can handle your case and rescue you from a data disaster before it’s had a chance to even disrupt your routine!

Prevent the permanent loss of your precious data by calling us for the professional help that you need to ensure that your device is properly handled due to its increased fragility following a crash or failure. If the proper procedure isn’t followed immediately, you could lose your family photo albums, work portfolio, financial records, purchased entertainment, customer information, critical documents, and more! Don’t let the oft-made mistake of forgetting to backup your data force you to resign yourself to losing years of digital resources.

We’ll provide you with the FREE shipping of your device to our nearby state-of-the-art recovery facility or direct you to our closest local customer support and receiving center where you can conveniently drop off your drive so that you can receive your FREE diagnostic report shortly thereafter. No need to stress when the best are standing by – call 1-213-342-8598 to start recovering your data the certified expert way, today!

file repair experts Once you’ve contacted us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated customer service representative that will remain constantly accessible to you throughout every stage of the data recovery service process from the FREE shipping of your device to our certified, state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities until your recovered data is returned to you in as little as 24 hours! Your FREE diagnostic report will include an assessment of the current condition of your device, the status of your data, and a detailed outline for service as to how our certified specialist technicians plan to quickly and completely recover your data.

Should the return of your critical data be necessary before a certain deadline, we offer a number of emergency priority services that have been developed over several industry leading years of record breaking success to efficiently recover data at the fastest turnaround time available on the market today! By offering a variety of priority services, each with their work and turnaround parameters, you’re able to select an emergency data recovery service that’s most cost-effective for you! No more being held hostage because you need your data back before a deadline and paying an arm and a leg just to have it be so – we’re committed to working with you to make sure that recovering the data that you can’t afford to lose is something that you can afford to pursue!

In addition to having our office here in the city of angels, our impressive record for success and award-winning reputation has enabled us to expand throughout out the United States and Canada. From local businesses to corporations across the nation, Data Recovery Los Angeles saves thousands of new and returning clients every year from critical data crisis!