Database Data Recovery Services

We’re the fastest, most affordable expert database recovery service today that caters to both individual users and organizations according to their needs.

SQL, Exchange Database Data Recovery Services

Our qualified specialist engineers have the skills and tools required to quickly recover lost or corrupted data from your critical database. Because losing your database can be truly disastrous, we’ll help you manage the crisis every step of the way by not only providing fast recovery results, but also exceptional customer service that will keep you updated with information pertaining what to expect and when so that you can plan accordingly.

Our database recovery specialist engineers have routinely recovered data from databases for more than a decade and are certified to recover data from SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SharePoint, Exchange – virtually all types of databases. Since databases are often integral to the daily operation of any organization, it’s critical to receive professional expert assistance to properly, and completely, recover your vital data before it becomes permanently lost. Don’t lose more time and money by delaying and start getting your data back today the cost-effective way. More than a decade’s worth of R&D resulting in proprietary technology has allowed us to innovate efficient new ways to quickly and effectively recover your data.

The Expert Choice

Fast and Effective

We’re an industry leader when it comes to delivering data recovery results to your door before you’ve even had a chance to miss the data in the first place. With specialized emergency services standing by 24/7, you can expect to have your database diagnosed and your data recovered in less than 24 hours!

Certified to Succeed

Our specialist engineers have the qualifications required to resolve any case of data loss and achieve a total file recovery when other lesser companies might consider that data lost forever – after you’ve paid them for service! We offer a free diagnostic that will include a no-obligation quote for service that will allow you to make a no-risk, informed decision!

Security and Confidentiality You Require

Our services are regularly audited and accredited so that our customers can have the satisfaction of knowing that their invaluable, irreplaceable data is in the safest hands in the industry today. We take the protection and management of your data as seriously as we take its recovery and that’s with an absolute commitment to excellence and your satisfaction.

Why Database Data Recovery is different

database repair

A common aim of all database data recovery programs is to stop further data loss at the beginning of the program. To do that, an image of the data is created and all future activities are performed with this image. In case of a physical damage, the data is extracted from the database and saved in a secure place. If the loss of data is logical in nature, the file system is examined for corruption. This is performed with the help of proprietary software that helps to keep the integrity of the system intact and allows analysis of the tables one by one.

The database data recovery we perform includes accidentally dropped records, restoration of tables, queries, triggers, macros, stored procedures, and forms, etc. However, media with other, less corrupt systems can also be scanned and used for data recovery with the help of many tools and techniques to deal with all types of database damage.

Database data recovery can be performed on various types of database, including the following

Microsoft Exchange Oracle
Microsoft Access Sybase
MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql Lotus Notes
SharePoint Other major databases

Losing valuable information from a critical database can be disastrous. Our data recovery programs have been successfully utilized by many organizations and corporations and you can read their testimonials in our "References" page to learn what other companies think about us. Some of the major advantages of our service are the following:

Skilled staff:
The engineers at Data Retrieval are specially trained and are experienced enough to handle sensitive and confidential data. We offer enough importance in our recruitment process and the applicants are scanned for their ability to maintain confidentiality before they are selected as an employee. This not only helps us stay abreast but it also makes the company more valuable.
Normally, data recovery can take 2-5 business days but you can opt for our special services too, if you need the data recovery done in shorter span of time. We are working 24X7, especially for our esteemed clients. You can choose any option to get your data recovered in the shortest possible duration for different packages.
FREE evaluation
We provide a free initial evaluation of your media before starting the data recovery process so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the service will be cost-effective for you. It is completely risk-free to try our initial evaluation. Moreover, you can make an informed decision after the evaluation.

So, if you have any database data loss symptom, contact us ASAP. You can contact us via phone or by filling out the query form online.