E-mail data recovery services

 Data Retrieval is a well known organization of data recovery, especially for files and e-mail recovery. You can lose files or e mails from your system for various reasons. Data retrieval has the best tool and about 12 years experience in e mails and files recovery and we can assure that with us your lost data will be retrieve in the shortest possible time.

Regardless of its generation, we can recover data from any kind of hardware or software.

We recover data from Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Express, or any other email client/server you use at home or in the office.

We employ the best equipment and human resources for the data recovery process and all this is backed with 12 years of solid experience in email and file recovery so that you can rest assured that your data is in the best possible hands.

Our engineers are experienced enough and they can recover data from any type of device. At Data Retrieval, we have recovered enormous amounts of data from thousands of storage media and this has made us confident about our capability to take up any case without much consideration about file and media types.

The reasons for losing data may be various, including bad sector, software malfunction, virus, user error, etc. Whatever the reason is, Data Retrieval assures you that your data will be recovered. We handle many e mail and file recovery cases every day and if you have such a problem, chances are enough that we will be able to help you get out of the mess. Additionally, we keep the whole process confidential so that no third party can access the data without permission. This helps the clients to maintain their privacy and confidentiality and makes us the preferred choice for files and e mails data recovery.

We offer our services to everybody, from individual customers to huge corporate. You can get a taste about our services by going through the accolades in our “References” page.

Features of our email and file recovery


Some of the major features of our email and file recovery system are as follows:

Without considering the age of the media, we deal with hardware of any generation – old or recent.

Regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) the data can be recovered.

We cover almost all types of data recovery scenarios.

Any type of storage media and device can be brought for repair at Data retrieval.

Almost all e mail formats, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other email client/server are covered.

Some attributes of our service


Quick and Efficient

Our Data recovery turnaround time is the shortest among all data recovery companies. In case you are in emergency, order our specialized services and get the work done within as low as 4 hours. Otherwise too, you can get the best of results with us within a short span of time.

Professional and Impressive

Our data recovery services are one of the most professional in the industry. You get a free evaluation before actual data recovery and can have the knowledge of your media before you let it go for data recovery. Even during the data recovery process, we keep sending you the report of progress. It’s a professional and impressive matter when you deal with us.

Secure and confidential

Our services are one of the most confidential in the industry. No third party access is allowed in the clean rooms where we perform data recovery. Moreover, the data recovered is send back to an appropriate person as desired. It is very secure and many of our former clients have expressed gratitude for our confidentiality and security.

When you face data loss, the only thing to do is to call us asap. Only this will allow us to recover your data successfully. Please call 1-800-399-7150 or contact us via our online recovery request form

Losing media data can be a severely serious situation for organizations. Moreover, the data that needs to be retrieved can be sensitive and confidential. At Data Retrieval, we understand these factors and we offer a 100% secure and confidential solution. Moreover, understanding the value of time, we offer quick and efficient services for all our customers.

Skilled staff: The engineers at Data Retrieval are specially trained and are experienced enough to handle sensitive and confidential data. We offer enough importance in our recruitment process and the applicants are scanned for their ability to maintain confidentiality before they are selected as an employee. This not only helps us stay abreast but it also makes the company more valuable.

Normally, data recovery can take 2-5 business days but you can opt for our special services too, if you need the data recovery done in shorter span of time. We are working 24 X 7, especially for our esteemed clients. So, you can choose any option to get your data recovered in the shortest possible duration.

We provide a free initial evaluation of your media before starting data recovery process so that you can check whether the option you choose is suitable for you or not. It is completely risk-free to try our initial evaluation. You can make an informed decision after the evaluation.



Why should you choose Data Retrieval?



We employ the brightest candidates as our engineers so that we can deliver results rather than just making noise about good quality of service.


We use the best breed of equipment and the clean room where we perform actual data recovery are strictly guarded, free from interruptions and dust, virus etc.


The shortest possible time required for data recovery from any media.


Best quality of output. Please read our “references” to know more about the quality of our services.


Top concern about privacy and confidentiality. We keep the media out of reach of any third party.


Top quality feedback on the progress of operation for your valuable media.


Free initial evaluation of your media to find out how much data can be restored. etc.


To learn more about our promises and results please call us ASAP or chat with an online agent now.