Forensic Data Recovery

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Forensic Data Recovery Services

It is very difficult to imagine modern life without the internet, local area networks, and individual computer. People seemingly spend most of their time in this new, universally accessible information technology environment! Consequently, information has become more valuable than ever before. High-capacity storage media, particularly hard disk drives computers, have become the most popular devices for storing data and position it to continue this way in the coming years. Such carriers are now being used not only by large corporations and universities, but individuals as well.

An increasing number of mission-critical data is stored on various electronic media every day. If a single computer or hard drive is stolen or lost, it represents a threat to any organization that contact data could be in the wrong hands. There are technical tools that can analyze vast volumes of data every day. Apart from the risk of theft, one must take into account the trends in litigation, when they began to take evidence on digital media: hard disk drives, floppy, external drives, quests, USB-flash, tapes and etc. often justifying the need to ensure an adequate level of security, sacrificing the principle of privacy. Governments and corporations, hackers and electronic espionage agents seek access to confidential data, know-how, e-mail, index cards, etc.

However, the technology can be used not only for invasion of privacy, but also for protection against such interference, which was created for a variety of devices and software products. These solutions can be classified into three groups - the encryption system, the systematic removal the information from the media, and the destruction of HDD. But even after such removal of information from the disk, data recovery is still possible by using special software and tools that read the information on the boundaries of storage and can restore files using the so-called "shadow account". In fact, now there is a whole line of data recovery - forensic data recovery.

Our company,, specializes in judicial and extra judicial expertise with tools and methods to data recovery with storage on the hard disk drive, flash and memory cards, CD-ROM drive, CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray Disc, FD containing a fault: error (damage) in the logical structure of the disc incorrect reading of the surface storage, mechanical damage to the drive. Also RAID-arrays at levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 including combined RAID-arrays (0, 1, 10, 50).

The company's specialists in Data Recovery work to perform data recovery with the following hardware objects: personal computers (laptop, desktop); peripherals (printers, modems, etc.); network hardware (servers, work stations, the active equipment, network cables, etc.); integrated systems (organizers, pagers, mobile phone, cash registers machines, etc.); embedded systems based on microprocessor controllers (immobilizer, transponder, cruise controllers, etc.); all components of all these computer components (hardware units, expansion cards, chips). Our laboratory works with all operating systems, digital media of any configuration from the old to the latest developments in the computer field.