Data Retrieval Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality of clients data and information are the top concerns at Data Retrieval. We understand that the data stored in various storage media have tremendous business value. At the same time, they can be confidential and sensitive too. Data Retrieval assures its customers that their data will be protected from third party access at any instant of Data recovery process. To maintain the security and confidentiality of data, we regularly audit our programs and company policies. We understand that if data leakage occurs, the organizations won’t come to us the next time they need to retrieve data. Understanding this, we have formulated stringent data management policies that secure all kinds of data from third party’s hands.

We, at Data Retrieval, promise to keep your data or information completely confidential and in no way the data will be handed over to someone who should not have access to the data. It is a part of our company policy to keep the confidentiality clauses updated and in no instance we ever try to violate the policy.

Data Retrieval’s confidentiality policy include the following:

  • The data after recovery is handed over to the concerned person only meaning that even family members can’t receive the recovered data.

  • Only the recovery engineer and his or her direct supervisor have direct access to data.

  • Recovered data is stored in safe locations– usually in physically secured servers with file system encryption policy.

  • Data Retrieval’s company employees may open required documents, images, or other files only when it is absolutely necessary for the recovery process.

  • Data (both recovered and not recovered) is never handed over to third parties.

  • On request of the customers, backup copies of recovered data are deleted right after the delivery. Otherwise, recovered data is kept in our servers for a maximum of 30 days after which the data is automatically deleted.

  • If the clients want to use a legal confidentiality agreement, we are ready for this anytime.

Losing data can be a severely serious situation for organizations. The data that needs to be retrieved can be sensitive and confidential. At Data Retrieval, we understand these factors and we offer a 100% secure and confidential solution. Moreover, understanding the value of time, we offer quick and efficient services for all our customers.

  • Skilled staff: The engineers at Data Retrieval are specially trained and are experienced enough to handle sensitive and confidential data. We offer enough importance in our recruitment process and the applicants are scanned for their ability to maintain confidentiality before they are selected as an employee. This not only helps us stay abreast but it also makes the company more valuable.

  • Normally, data recovery can take 2-5 business days but you can opt for our special services too, if you need the data recovery done in shorter span of time. We are working 24X7 , especially for our esteemed clients. So, you can choose any option to get your data recovered in the shortest possible duration.

  • We provide a free initial evaluation of your media before starting data recovery process so that you can check whether the option you choose is suitable for you or not. It is completely risk-free to try our initial evaluation. You can make an informed decision after the evaluation.