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With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, the cases of data loss have also gone up. In fact, people lose data from apple iPod and iPhone frequently when they don’t really know how to keep data stored in the devices. We have enough expertise in data recovery from iPod and iPhone devices. Apart from dealing in Mac data recovery, our Apple products’ recovery team deals with iPhone and iPod data recovery.

At Data Retrieval, you get a free initial evaluation done by our experts. You can see the report and decide whether you would get the recovery done or you don’t need it. For getting free evaluation, please fill our “Recovery Request Form” or call us.

We have an extensive experience of more than 12 years in Apple products data recovery and we can assure you of best possible recovery within the shortest possible time in the industry.

Data Retrieval is one of the market leaders in Apple product recovery. We employ the best talents and tools in recovering Apple products thereby you can be rest assured that your media is in safest hands.

Apple products are the best possible devices that show minimum data loss among all kind sof electronic media devices. This data loss is increased by smart syncing and attachment with iTunes. However, nobody can guarantee that no data would be ever lost from these devices. Once you lose data from these devices, call us immediately. The sooner you respond, the better it is.

Many people store their important personal or business documents in iPhone and they are left at sea when sudden data loss occurs. Sometimes, people lose interesting and important music collections from iPods making it a very severe experience. No matter what happens to your iPod and iPhone, if it’s related with data, probably we may help you in more than 95% of cases.


How to React When You Are Facing iPhone or iPod Data Loss?

Recover unrecoverable

In case of data loss from iPod and iPhone, the best possible method is to look for rescue through experienced hands. However, many people think that the best way is to try repairing the devices. It should be noted that the parts of iPod and iPhone are very delicate and without having professional experience, it is best to keep the devices aside while they are suffering from data loss. With iPod and iPhone, you get only one chance to rescue the data and if you miss it, possibilities of getting the data back are meager. That is why looking for professional help is the best possible option while you suffer from iPod and iPhone data loss.

Trying to recall as much data as possible is the next good thing to do. Please recall how the data loss happened, are you suffering from any fault in iTunes rather than the device? Collect all these data before you actually go for a repair. These details are very important for all kinds of data recovery of Mac products as well as iPod and iPhone.

You should stop using the phone or the music player once you get solid symptom of data loss. Then go for professional help or call us as soon as possible.

Some of the features that make us Market Leader in Data Recovery

  • Skilled staff: The engineers at Data Retrieval are specially trained and are experienced enough to handle sensitive and confidential data. We offer enough importance in our recruitment process and the applicants are scanned for their ability to maintain confidentiality before they are selected as an employee. This not only helps us stay abreast but it also makes the company more valuable.

  • Normally, data recovery can take 2-5 business days but you can opt for our special services too, if you need the data recovery done in shorter span of time. We are working 24 X 7, especially for our esteemed clients. So, you can choose any option to get your data recovered in the shortest possible duration.

  • We provide a free initial evaluation of your media before starting data recovery process so that you can check whether the option you choose is suitable for you or not. It is completely risk-free to try our initial evaluation. You can make an informed decision after the evaluation.

So, if you are going through any major data loss symptom, don’t delay for trying to get professional help. Call us at 1-800-399-7150 or fill the Online Service Request Form ASAP.