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Hard Drive Recovery Experts

No matter how careful we are with our devices, data loss often happens. On average, 25 percent of all PC users suffer data loss every year. That’s roughly 120,000 hard drives that fail each week. Unfortunately, less than half of those users back up their data regularly and will suffer permanent data loss if they do not employ the necessary professional services.

Digital remanence is the residual depiction of digital data that remains on the device after the data has been removed. This is what allows our professional engineers to recover data from a hard disk drive (HHD) or a solid-state drive (SSD). Our engineers are trained to pinpoint isolated groups of data that exist on the drive but are not recognized by the operating system. Extensive training enables our engineers to conduct this recovery without damaging the media device or data.

Lost Data? Let Experts Recover It

Our hard disk recovery programs are proprietary. We assure you that you will get the best possible solution for your data recovery needs. You won’t get a better data recovery solution anyplace else.

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What Causes Hard Drives to Crash?

When a drive is healthy, the drive head moves across the platter surfaces rapidly locating, processing and storing data on the device without physically contacting the platter surface. When the head becomes damaged or dislocated, it will collide with the plated media and cause a defect. As the drive continues to be used, the damage increases and eventually the scratches progress to grooves. At this point the data is either contaminated or permanently lost. Once the particles have been entirely scratched from the surface platters, this is referred to as a ‘cascading failure’ and the result is permanent data loss.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of data storage options. One of those is the Solid State Drive. This device requires its own approach when dealing with data recovery.

The advantages of a non-volatile, rewritable memory device with no moving mechanical parts, when compared to a conventional hard drive, are obvious. These include mechanical reliability, high read and write speeds, lower weight, lower power consumption and more. There are drawbacks to these devices as well. All electronics will eventually break, and SSDs are no exception. In addition to physical damage, in which access to user data is not possible, there are logical damage possibilities as well. During these, access to the contents of memory sectors is inhibited.

DataRetrieval has more than a dozen years of experience in the data recovery industry. We have observed that SSD recovery is more laborious and lengthy than the process for other storage media, such as hard disks, flash memory, etc. Despite the complexity of the retrieval process, we can offer various options for data recovery from SSDs. We employ a wide range of technological solutions, the best specialists and the best equipped laboratories to ensure the fastest possible and most effective solution to restore critical information. Our engineers are in regular contact with leading scientists and research centers all over the world, specializing in computer technology and recovery advances. This allows us to retain market leadership in IT technologies and offer a wide range of data recovery options.

Our experts also can recommend ways to prevent future problems in using SSDs and other storage media.

When users attempt to restore information using various automated tools and built-in operating system utilities, it very often leads to changes that make it impossible to recover data. Therefore, the sooner the user turns to professionals, the greater the chance of recovery. Another factor affecting the chances of recovery is the professionalism and experience of the specialist who will address the problem. Our expertise means we can maximize the chances of restoring the lost information, and perform our work in the shortest possible time.

Database Recovery and Repair

DataRetrieval offers a wide variety of professional database repair and recovery services. All of our database services are conducted by highly trained engineers, using industry-leading tools and techniques. Our engineers can promptly restore your system’s functionality, while maintaining the security of your data, regardless of whether you use an SQL variant or a proprietary database application. When invasive repair is required for the device, all media is serviced in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom environment by highly trained and certified digital technicians.

Our engineers also are able to repair damaged databases without physically working with hardware. By creating an identical clone of your system, we can effectively repair your database files without risking inadvertent media damage. Then we return the recovered data, through a physical return media or secure FTP, based on the size of your files.

What is RAID Recovery?

RAID recovery is a very complicated type of data recovery because of the RAID arrays complex architecture. The high volume of data that a typical RAID system stores also complicates the recovery process. Although the majority of RAID systems have a high fault tolerance, this does not mean that RAID arrays are completely foolproof. Our certified RAID recovery engineers specialize in restoring crucial data from a variety of RAID array storage media, including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5.

Can I Recover RAID Data on my Own?

It is not uncommon for someone to attempt to recover lost data on their own. In rare cases, these attempts may be successful. However, this is strongly discouraged in situations involving a damaged RAID array. Resolution attempts made by anyone other than a highly-trained professional engineer will most likely cause more harm than good. If multiple drives on your RAID have faults, it is imperative to obtain professional data recovery assistance. During the RAID rebuilding process, a single mistake could lead to total data loss or cause the data to be entirely unrecoverable. If you are unable to access the data that is stored on a RAID, or the RAID status is currently degraded, do not attempt further operations without professional assistance. You most likely will lose the data permanently if you do not have the proper skills, tools and experience.

Why Choose DataRetrieval for my RAID Recovery?

The professional engineers at DataRetrieval are able to recover data from any type of RAID array, regardless of the cause for failure or the make and model of the drives. Our service is fast, professional and competitively priced. DataRetrieval can begin to recover your data the same day your files were lost, and our emergency service options mean we can have your data returned to you within 24 hours. We have more than 100 locations across the U.S. and Canada, and service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.

Email Data Recovery

Email messages, mailboxes and entire email databases can become lost for a number of reasons. Files are accidentally deleted, servers crash and get overloaded, RAID arrays may not be properly maintained. Regardless of what caused the loss, it is often crucial for that data to be restored. Whether you need to recover individual mailbox items or all of your entire organization's email, our technicians can help. We offer emergency support and restoration for virtually every email client (Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and database (Exchange, Access, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Lotus, Sharepoint, etc.)

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