RAID 1 recovery capabilities

The ever-increasing needs of users forced manufacturers of computer equipment, software, and support systems to find new ways to meet these growing demands. Despite the improvement in quality of products, manufacturers and developers cannot prevent all of their vulnerabilities. As a result, users frequently experience malfunctions and errors within their preferred data storage media. This inevitably leads to a loss of information. The recovery of lost data is not an easy process and to find a quality service provider is no easy task.

To date, RAID-arrays consisting of multiple hard drives are the most common ways of maintaining corporate information. They come in several types. The most common type is RAID 0 and the second type is RAID 1. If the first type has an advantage in speed of recording the second, unlike the first, allows users to increase reliability, but reduces the speed of read and write operations. RAID 1 provides an acceptable recording speed and has high reliability - it works as long as at least one disk in the array is functioning. RAID 1 is constructed from two disks. Information is written simultaneously to both drives, each disk is a full copy of his ‘brother’ hard disk drive. In the event of failure of one drive the array will remain operational. RAID 1 is popular for its reliability amongst users who want to protect themselves against the loss of personal data. It is the best storage system for sensitive corporate data. Because RAID-arrays are most often used to store information on a server, their data are often very important. These include accounting records, various corporate documents, etc. Their loss could lead to serious fallout for any business. However, these situations occur frequently. In many cases, even the failure of one disk within the array may lead to the loss of information.

If your RAID controller has suffered a malfunction and your RAID-1 is no longer operable as a result, Data Recovery can restore it to full operational capacity. We have more than a decade of experience recovering RAID data. In fact, we are the largest independent data recovery services provider in this area and our work is world-class.

Data Recovery has the specialized equipment and experience to perform even the most difficult recoveries. Our technicians are trained to recover data from all types of devices (NAS, SAN, DAS, etc.). They are equally experienced in restoring RAID-arrays of absolutely any level and modifications. As a result, Data Recovery has developed proprietary tools and techniques for RAID data recovery. Our company has many years of research in this highly technical field. Therefore, we can recover data in almost any case. Exceptions are cases in which data recovery is not possible for independent reasons beyond our control, which can be determined after a preliminary diagnosis in our laboratory. Therefore, if you experienced a malfunction with the work of a RAID-array, do NOT attempt to, using free software from the Internet to restore the data. Turn to the Tried and tested specialists of Data Recovery . We specialize in difficult cases and perform data recovery, not only with the RAID-arrays, but also with any faulty digital media and file system. Data Recovery offers real solutions in difficult cases.