RAID 5 Data Recovery Capabilities

Smooth and Error free RAID 5 data recovery solutions

RAID or Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks have almost become a synonym for computer storage, especially for the organizations that need to store huge amounts of data. It could be easily realized that when the RAID arrays start to lose vital business information, it becomes a real headache for the organizations that own faulty media.

Currently, RAID-array is a universal phenomenon which is used to store huge amounts of corporate information. It offers advantages such as speed, reliability, increased storage, and ease of maintenance etc,. RAID-5 represents an array in which information is distributed in blocks of disk drives. RAID-5 is a solution for simultaneous requirements of both speed of retrieving information and reliability of information storage. RAID-5 is serviceable at a failure of one drive, but in such situations the speed of data access gets decreased. Disadvantages of RAID 5 are manifested in the failure of one drive and the results can be disastrous. All of the system in a RAID 5 failure can go into a critical mode, and as all operations of reading and writing are accompanied by additional manipulation, the performance drops sharply. The real big problems that occur with RAID 5 failure is fallout of two or more disks from the RAID 5 array. This accompanies loss of configuration, decrease in the service of controller and deletion of valuable data. Other prominent symptoms of RAID 5 failure includes damaged configuration, de-sync of the array, and problems in re-initialization of RAID 5.

In all these cases mentioned above and many other symptoms, a professional from Data Recovery can sort out the problems related with RAID 5 recovery. When you hand over the media to us, our experts will diagnose the media. They will also analyze the disks, the configuration state of the checksum, and the synchronization state drives in the array and will try to find out the reason of data loss. Once the diagnostics and analysis of the system is completed, they will start the process of data recovery. To restore RAID 5, Data Recovery would use its own software that avoids any errors due to which the data were not available and the original controller was not able to "pull out" of the disks.

Data Recovery is a professional organization that has been offering data recovery solutions for a long time. It has been successfully engaged in data recovery from RAID arrays, servers, solid state disk (SSD), and tapes etc, The company uses its own utilities and tools to recover RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, and any other combination. The company rebuilds RAID arrays around the clock. The company is ready to help all those who are suffering from RAID 5 data loss. The company will rebuild your computer and offer advice and help when you need a service, such as restoring deleted files from HDD, laptops, external hard drives, e-mail, databases (SQL) and Flash drives.

Once our company’s professionals are engaged, you can be sure that the data recovery will be produced even in the rarest and most desperate cases, when other companies just shy away. All that is required of you - is to call us. Data Recovery uses advanced methodologies and technology, so when you restore data from any media and other storage devices, we guarantee that even one byte of your data on the original disk will not change.

Data recovery guarantees successful completion of a RAID 5 data recovery project as its success rate in case of RAID recovery is more than 90%. So, if you have any problem regarding RAID 5 recovery, consult with us ASAP.