Server data recovery services

We're the industry leader in certified data recovery that provides corporations and consumers alike with fast results at affordable rates from any type of device.

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Our qualified specialist engineers have more than ten years of server recovery service experience. We routinely successfully deliver fast results from all types of servers including RAID, NAT, SAN, tape, virtual, and virtually all others. When your server is down, your operations are doomed to suffer unless you take action fast by seeking the professional help that you need to get your data back online.

We can recover lost data from every kind of server – real or virtual – and regardless of its make and model. We also perform database recovery and RAID recovery.

We have more than 12 years of experience in data retrieval. We employ the best equipment, talent and facilities.

Servers may lose data for a variety of reasons, including server crash, hacking by unscrupulous individuals and malwares etc. Whatever the reason is, losing server data can be an expensive case for the organizations. Moreover, the data can be confidential. Due to these reasons, recovering lost or corrupted data from a server is one of the most complicated data recovery tasks that any data recovery company can perform.

Data loss from virtual machines can be repaired by us as well. Any brand of virtual machine pform XenServer, Virtual Serve, VMWare, Hyper-V, or any other one can be handled by Data Retrieval.

So, if you are going through server data recovery, contact us ASAP. Call at 1-800-399-7150 any time; we are available 24 X 7, 365 days in a year.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Cost-effective and Efficient Service
    Our service turnaround times are among the fastest in the industry with emergency service options capable of delivering results in a matter of a few hours. Imagine having your server’s cause of failure diagnosed and your data recovered in less than 24 hours!

  • Certified Experts with a Commitment to Excellence
    We know that data loss can be a crisis so we make it our job to help you manage the situation so that it doesn’t become a disaster. With our fast, free diagnostic you’ll know what’s wrong with your server and you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether it’s worth it to recover the data with a detailed plan for service and a no-obligation quote. When it’s an emergency, you need answers and you need expert attention – fast. Call us and it doesn’t have to cost you!

  • Make Sure Your Data is Safe
    Don’t just send your data anywhere; you deserve the peace of mind of knowing that it is being kept confidential and secure. We’re certified data recovery specialists and we have the qualifications that you need to be certain that the management of your data is being handled according to all privacy and confidentiality laws. Your data is irreplaceable and your privacy is invaluable; trust only the proven best to handle something so precious.

Why and How is Server Recovery Different?

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First of all, it should be noted that the reasons for server data loss are different from other types of media. Apart from above mentioned reasons, server data loss may occur due to mistakes in configuration, mistakes when migrating data, software updates, malware attacks, and mistakes in configuration, etc. Therefore, before actual server data recovery takes place, the reason for data loss must be determined.

We can provide a free diagnostic of your server once you decide to go ahead and after the evaluation we provide you a report about the condition of the media. Depending upon the report, you can order to recover server data in any manner listed in the report. If you decide to withdraw, we won’t charge you anything for just the initial evaluation.

We usually work with the image rather than the original media from where data loss has occurred. This saves the media from further data loss. Moreover, in this way, no further damage to the data can take place. Depending upon the types of recovery, server data recovery may be classified into two types.

Physical recovery.

Physical recovery is related with the components of the media. The physical parts may have broken or lost or damaged due to various reasons. We test each of the components to check which portion or part of the media is damaged. The faulty portion of media is then disassembled and repaired to protect the data that is recovered with the help of the image.

Logical recovery.

In logical recovery, the damaged or corrupted data has to be restored but physically, the device is alright. Depending on the reasons and particular case we employ different types for logical data recovery, applying different set of techniques. With our extremely experienced staff, you can be certain no more data will be lost.

Losing server data can be a severely serious situation for organizations. Moreover, the data that needs to be retrieved can be sensitive and confidential. At Data Retrieval, we understand these factors and we offer a 100% secure and confidential solution. Moreover, understanding the value of time, we offer quick and efficient services for all our customers.

  • Skilled staff: The engineers at Data Retrieval are specially trained and are experienced enough to handle sensitive and confidential data. We offer enough importance in our recruitment process and the applicants are scanned for their ability to maintain confidentiality before they are selected as an employee.
  • Normally, data recovery can take 2-5 business days but you can opt for our special services too, if you need the data recovery done in shorter span of time. We are working 24 X 7, especially for our esteemed clients. So, you can choose any option to get your data recovered in the shortest possible duration.
  • By taking advantage of our free diagnostic service, you can check whether professional data recovery is cost-effective for you or not. It is completely risk-free to try our initial evaluation. You can make an informed decision after the evaluation.