VMware workstation, ESX server data recovery

Forensic Data Recovery Services

Although significant advances have been made in server hardware consolidation, the virtualization of storage devices, and CPU processing distribution, data loss is still prevalent, and often more destructive, given the consolidation of valuable data on a single system.

The server data recovery specialist technicians at DataRetrieval are highly trained and qualified to help IT staff recover data from VMware virtual disk drives. By using advanced proprietary technology (both hardware and software), our technicians can recovery critical data from any type of file system in as little as twenty-four hours.

Frequent Reasons for VMware data loss:

  • RAID storage system failure
  • Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) Corruption of File System
  • Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) corruption
  • Deleted files or virus damages inside a virtual machine
  • Format or Re-install Virtual Machine File System

DataRetrieval can quickly and reliably recover data from any VMware systems like:

  • VMware® Workstations
  • VMware® Servers (GSX)
  • VMware® Infrastructure 2, 3, vSphere 4, and ESXi