Who are we?

DataRetrieval is your one-stop shop for all of your data recovery needs. Our highly skilled engineers pride themselves on sustaining a high rate of success for data recovery and strive to recover as much data as possible on every attempt. Our goal is to deliver top-notch customer service for clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Big or small, DataRetrieval is here to help, and with offices across the United States we are standing by 24/7/365 to save what you can’t afford to lose.

Why choose us?

Here at DataRetrieval we offer extraordinary turnaround times that can meet the needs of every client, and our competitive pricing structure makes our service very budget friendly. Additionally, our engineers make sure that every recovery is confidential, and that your data is recovered in a secure fashion to give you the utmost confidence in a potentially stressful situation.

Our Data Recovery Success Rate

We succeed in recovering data from devices 96 percent of the time when there is no physical damage to the device.

We also succeed where other companies have failed. When a company attempts to retrieve lost data from a hard drive or other device, it places a sticker on the device when returning it to the client. We often receive devices sent to us after another company fell short, and more than 60 percent of the time we are able to retrieve data from those devices.

In a recent six-month period, we received 100 devices from which other companies were unable to retrieve lost data. In 62 of those cases, we were able to do the job. Based on numbers from our proprietary customer management database, we estimate we are able to succeed where others previously failed 60 percent of the time.

Want to know more about what we do?


Our specialist technicians routinely save degraded or failed arrays of any configuration level and at the fastest turnaround times available in the industry today.


Our certified technicians are qualified to quickly and confidentially save lost files and folders from virtually every file storage device manufactured and regardless of the cause for information being inaccessible.

eMail & Databases

We offer emergency support and file restoration for virtually every e-mail client (Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and database (Exchange, Access, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Lotus, SharePoint, etc.).


Your server, whether real or virtual and regardless of manufacturer, will be expertly and reliably rescued from its crashed or failing state by our specialized technicians.

Laptops & Desktops

We provide certified emergency support solutions to restore files and folders from every make and model of desktop and laptop available today and in the past.


Our qualified technicians have the skills and experience to successfully and completely save the content of your iDevice before its lost forever.

Photos & Media

Your digital photos and media collection represent a substantial, irreplaceable investment and possession that you simply can’t afford to lose – our media specialists are trained to ensure that you don’t.


Our forensic experts provide thorough device and information analysis that will include an official, written testimonial and detailed report including answering any requested specific or general inquiries.


Our encryption specialists are continuously trained and tested so that their certified qualifications are more than sufficient to decrypt/extract data from even the most cutting edge protection software.

Data Recovery for Windows

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  • Turnaround time: 48h
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The Competition VS Data Retrieval

The Choice is Simple…

The Competition will:
Data Retrieval will:

Void your device’s warranty

Provide a free detailed diagnostic report. You pay only for shipping if you decide not to purchase our services.

Keep you waiting with little information as to what can be done to save your data

Give you a no-obligation, firm quote for recovery and outline a plan for service

Charge you a costly fee to ship your valuable device to and from some faraway location without observing any standard security protocols

Ship your device for service FREE of charge, send a courier, or direct you to a local office for convenient drop-off

Subject you to automated customer service and answering machines forcing you to waste valuable time

Assign you a dedicated customer service professional to provide constant support throughout your service

Leave you wondering as to what’s being done to your device and when you can expect results preventing you from returning to your routine

Submit frequent updates as to the ongoing status of your data recovery so that you can know what to expect and when

Choose Data Retrieval! Available for Assistance and Emergency Service 24/7/365!