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Data Retrieval is one of the premier data recovery organizations in USA and Canada. We have been offering simple and useful data recovery solutions right from its inception of the company more than 15 years ago. DataRetrieval have earned a solid reputation for quality services in this tenure. DataRetrieval.COM offers data restoration solutions for almost all types of storage media. Services offered by our company include hard drive retrieval, desktop retrieval, laptop data rescue, RAID recovery, server data restore, retrieval from magnetic tapes, VMware data retrieve and retrieval from all other forms of storage devices.

Modern storage devices don't not boast absolute reliability. The probability of damage is rather large and no one is immune from data loss. To minimize the impact and damage from a data crash, we highly recommend you immediately contact us for a diagnostic. involves successful data retrieve from digital media. Our staff has years of practical experience dealing with various computer diagnostic circumstances which include hard disk drives data recovery (HDD), SSD drives, information recovery from RAID arrays of all levels, external drives, flash drives, magnetic tapes and other types of computer media.

A distinctive feature of Data Retrieval is the presence of development work and on-site research. The onsite research and development focuses on creating various methods of storing and destroying data as well as the development of specialized software and hardwre for recovery usage and development.

We have the latest technology which allows us to effectively diagnose and repair hard drives, flash cards and other digital media. Our highly trained Specialists are able to recover data from hard drives even when others have experienced difficulty doing so. We offer high quality services quick, efficient service at very reasonable prices. We have an extensive clientele which includes both individuals and major corporations. Completion of recovery services can vary from as little as a few hours to several days depending on the nature of the problem.

Data Recovery services for all types of brands

Data Retrieval can handle media of Sony, HP, IBM, Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital etc. Moreover, it can retrieve data from media with all sorts of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Solaris, Novell, UNIX and Linux etc. We have experience of resolving data loss scenarios for all these types of brands and storage media. We are fully confident that we could offer recovery solutions for storage media of any kind. By offering services for all types of storage media, brands and operating systems, Data Retrieval makes sure that the customers with wide variety of needs regarding data restoring solutions get appropriate solutions when they choose us for retrieval of lost data.

Professional data retrieval services provider

DataRetrieval is one of the most professional recovery service providers in the industry. We follow company best practices policy and quality enhancement guidelines thoroughly and this makes our services professional automatically. Moreover, the engineers of our company are one of the most experienced and professional too. By following stringent norms to enhance the quality of services, we have been ranked one of the best in terms of quality and professionalism.

Effective data retrieval

DataRetrieval.COM is one of the most effective retrieval service providers too. It offers one of the fastest possible solutions for lost data restoration services. We understand that data restore services are urgent and hence, the customers require getting their lost data back within the shortest possible span of time. Realizing this, we offer retrieval solutions within just 24 hours in case of emergencies for all types of recovery services. This makes DataRetrieval one of the fastest data rescue service providers in the industry. By offering data recovery services quickly, it retains its status of one of the most sought after companies in for data recoveries.

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All forms of digital media eventually die which can lead to problems when alternative methods for saving data are not utilized. Losing data can have tremendous ramifications on a financial and personal level. To avoid experiencing such losses, data recovery is recommended.

Featured services services:

  • Information retrieval from external drives, solid state disk (SSD), magnetic tapes.
  • Recovery from IBM, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Seagate, Quantum,Western Digital (WD), Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung brand devices of volumes from 1 GB to several terabytes.
  • Files rstore from various operating and file systems (NTFS, FAT, Ext2FS/3FS, UFS)
  • SD, MMC, Secure Digital, USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash.
  • RAID-arrays recovery (RAID0-6), as well as combined types: 50, 10, 0+1.

At Data Retrieval we have the latest data retrieval technology which allows us to read information directly from the chip via a bypass the controller.

We work continues around the clock without breaks and weekends, we guarantee reasonable price and fast case resolution.

Our clients can expect affordable, efficient around the clock service which includes evenings and weekends. Contact us at 1-800-399-7150.