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Raid 1 data recovery

No RAID configuration perfectly prevents data loss. If you can’t access data, do not attempt to rebuild the array We can recover files from your RAID 1 from any data loss scenario.


Raid 6 data recovery

When it comes to RAID 6 data recovery, we know what you're going through. We've seen everything from physical disk failure all the way up through logical corruption.


Raid 0 data recovery

If one drive in a RAID 0 fails, then the data on the entire system is lost and only a professional data recovery company can retrieve your files. Call us now. We can help you


Raid 10 data recovery

Your data is important to you, which means it's also our duty. We at Data Recovery have years of experience in RAID 10 data recovery.


Raid 5 data recovery

We can recover your files from both physically and logically damaged RAID 5 arrays. We have years of experience in RAID recovery in all data loss situations.


Raid 50 data recovery

Hiring us for RAID 50 data recovery will guarantee that your data is safe from the ravages of time, disaster and even artful hackers.



san data recovery

Our engineers have proprietary technology to recover data from all SAN arrays.

nas data recovery

Our engineers have proprietary technology to recover data from all NAS arrays.

qnap data recovery

We have proprietary technology that will help you in any situation, whether it's QNAP, SAN, NAS or any other enterprise level RAID arrays

drobo data recovery

We have the latest equipment and technology to ensure your device gets fully recovering. Our engineers work in one of only Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms

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